15 reasons to buy a Europa espresso/cappuccino machine!

1 Life expectancy of 15-20 years.
More then double the average machine life.
2 40% to 60% larger boiler capacity.
Large boiliers offer greater steam capacity.
3 Water softeners included.
Eliminates calcium build up extending machine life and improving mechanical operation.
4 Heavy duty pump and motor.
Strong motors reduce pump drag and have long life.
5 Installation & training.
For non-local areas, easy do-it-yourself instruction for machine installation and operation.
6 1 year parts & labor guarantee.
For non-local areas, spare parts kit with schematics and excellent technical support.
7 Aircraft quality stainless steel braided flex hoses.
Long lasting hoses. No sealant or special tools needed. Offers quiet operation.
8 Fast dependable service.
All service, technical support, or parts done in the fastest way possible.
9 Simple design for increased dependability & decreased repair costs.
Easy to locate and repair problems quickly on site.
10 ETL and NSF approvals.
Certifications need for the health department.
11 Large parts inventory.
All parts ready for immediate delivery.
12 Fully stocked truck for on site repairs of any problem.
Local only.
13 Long history in espresso business offers expert advise and counseling.
Take the guess work out of buying a machine.
14 Italian made machines built since 1926.
Experienced back ground in machine construction and innovation.
15 Friendly staff.
Need we say more. :-)


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